Sister India Soundtrack

This is my initial working soundtrack for the short film Sister India. In some aspects I’ve tried to magnify the startling similarities between Irish and Indian music which Sister Loreto mentions herself in the film. The Sean Os singing from Ireland’s National Archive dating from 1905 especially. The singers you here are 11 and 13 […]

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Yuri Norstein and Russian Animation

There’s nothing to say about Russian Animation other than its incredibly beautiful, mostly all of the time. Yuri Nornstien is one of the countries greatest animators. Still alive and working today, his aesthetic is timeless and rich with texture and elegance. Such an inspiration. Youtube Nori and get lost for hours in his works, and […]

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Smot Singing of Cambodia

The incredible and ancient Smot Singing of Cambodia, seen here being taught at a school in Phnom Pen, reminds me in so many ways of Irish Sean Os singing. I think the farther we look back with traditional singing in all cultures around the world, the greater the similarities are. The notes and complexities of […]

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