Folk music tradition worldwide. Music of The People.

Folk music tradition. Generous doses of individuality and unique identity, with fewer modern influences, the deeper we travel. Where do I start!?!  Music living naturally through ceremony and celebration, through the people and not from being manufactured for an ‘industry’.

It seems that anywhere on the planet the more music and artistic expression tries to fit with industry ideals, the more manufactured and less genuinely cultural it becomes. Music of the people is created by the people, not FOR the people. I’ve been to beautiful Indonesia a few times, and a session like this might sound the same but more often than not it’s evident the lyrics are that of Bob Marley, U2, Coldplay, Jack Johnson, Westlife… so on and so forth. Sadly because the international music industry is dominated by labels like Universal and Sony, who market the same generic pop via radio, and to the farthest reaches of the earth.

This gets me thinking on MOUNTAINOUS scales about world music in general and EXPRESSION at it’s most true and communicative, beautiful and often mind blowing.





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